Jonathan Walker - Social Analyst

A three and a half minute show reel.

While your guests are waiting there's something
to entertain them. 

While guests are waiting for the main presentation to begin preliminary entertainment is available.  This is a two minute sample from the preliminary entertainment for Men & Women Same Species Different Animals. 

If you're interested and have a little more time ...

The video below is a thirteen minute sample taken from the Being British presentation filmed on zoom to show both presentation and speaker. 

Or perhaps a sample from the preliminary entertainment to The Traditions of Christmas

A four minute sample from the preliminary entertainment for The Traditions of Christmas. 


There are ten talks currently available:
35 Signs You're Growing Old
Being British
Epic Failures I
Epic Failures II
Life in the 1950's I
Life in the 1950's II
Life in the 1960's I
Life in the 1960's II
Men & Women; Same Species Different Animals
The Traditions of Christmas

Additional talks nearing completion:
All Things British
Christmas Leftovers 
Food Drink & Tradition
I Told You I Was Ill
Money & the Biggest Cons in History

Additional talks following shortly:
Is Your Neighbour a Psychopath?
Life in the 1970's
Life in the 1980's 
Life in the 1990's
Medics Who Kill
Three Amazing Women

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