Jonathan Walker - Social Analyst

A three and a half minute show reel.

While your guests are waiting there's something
to entertain them. 

While guests are waiting for the main presentation to begin preliminary entertainment is available.  This is a two minute sample from the preliminary entertainment for Men & Women Same Species Different Animals. 

If you're interested and have a little more time ...

The video below is a thirteen minute sample taken from the Being British presentation filmed on zoom to show both presentation and speaker. 

Or perhaps a sample from the preliminary entertainment to The Traditions of Christmas

A four minute sample from the preliminary entertainment for The Traditions of Christmas. 

Most importantly what do guests say about the talks?

'I was in tears of laughter at one point. The humour is excellent.' 

'The little gems of interesting/quirky facts are great’, 

‘Enlightening and entertaining’,  

‘Very clever and well researched’.


There are eleven talks currently available:
35 Signs You're Growing Old
Being British
Epic Failures I
Epic Failures II
'I told you I was ill'
Life in the 1950's I
Life in the 1950's II
Life in the 1960's I
Life in the 1960's II
Men & Women; Same Species Different Animals
The Traditions of Christmas

Additional talks nearing completion:
All Things British

Christmas Leftovers 
Food Drink & Tradition
Money & the Biggest Cons in History

Additional talks following shortly:
Is Your Neighbour a Psychopath?
Life in the 1970's
Life in the 1980's 
Life in the 1990's
Medics Who Kill
Three Amazing Women

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