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While guests are waiting for the main presentation to begin preliminary entertainment is available.  This is a two minute sample from the preliminary entertainment for Men & Women Same Species Different Animals. 

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A four minute sample from the preliminary entertainment for The Traditions of Christmas. 

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There are eleven talks currently available:
35 Signs You're Growing Old
Being British
Epic Failures I
Epic Failures II
'I told you I was ill'
Life in the 1950's I
Life in the 1950's II
Life in the 1960's I
Life in the 1960's II
Men & Women; Same Species Different Animals
The Traditions of Christmas

Additional talks nearing completion:
All Things British

Christmas Leftovers 
Food Drink & Tradition
Money & the Biggest Cons in History

Additional talks following shortly:
Is Your Neighbour a Psychopath?
Life in the 1970's
Life in the 1980's 
Life in the 1990's
Medics Who Kill
Three Amazing Women

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There are eleven talks currently available:

35 Signs You're Growing Old - We are all growing older in life but how do you know when you're officially old? Does your memory really start to fade? Does time appear to go quicker the older you get? Do you really become miserable and a bad driver? This talk is full of both fun and facts as we look at the humorous side of growing older and shows that many of the beliefs about getting older are, in reality, completely false.

Being British - What is it that makes the British, British and different from all other nations? We take a look at the amusing habits and peculiarities of the British people that makes us different from our American and Continental cousins. We look at everything from the British wry sense of humour, through our passion for queueing and the unwritten rules to which you must abide, to our love of apologising, to our great obsession with the British weather.

Epic Failures I - We look at products that were dangerous and should never have reached the market to those that are downright stupid, to products that have failed and yet achieved phenomenal success as a result. We find products that were thought to be worthless that today make millions, to products that succeeded from the start but made the inventor feel that they had failed. You'll be surprised at how many of todays successful products came about because someone actually failed.

Epic Failures II - This time it's personal as we look at those who have failed to think about the words they were speaking, to those who have failed to see the opportunity in front of their eyes, and we see that even the so-called experts can fail in spectacular ways. If you've ever been annoyed with yourself for making a mistake, then you'll feel far better after you've seen the failure of others.

I told you I was ill - This talk was inspired by the phrase that comedian Spike Milligan insisted should be inscribed on his headstone. But it is not just headstones that provide the opportunity for people to make a lasting statement. In this talk we look at the unusual; whether that be the unusual way someone has met their final demise, unusual words prior to it happening, unusual wills to carry out their wishes or, like Spike, unusual epitaphs they have left on their memorials. By the end of this talk you will agree that some people certainly believe in the expression that 'death can be a funny old thing'.

Men & Women Same Species Different Animals - Both a factual and a 'tongue in cheek' look at the differences between the sexes. Just how do we differ? Do men and women really think differently? Is there really such a thing as a male and female brain? We find out how men and women came to possess different skills and talents. After this talk you'll have a better appreciation of how unique we are and you'll know exactly how and why we really are 'different animals'.

The Traditions of Christmas - Once a year we do some very strange things; we bring a tree into our home, decorate it with baubles and lights, put presents underneath and sit down to a meal which often consists of food that we spend the rest of the year avoiding at all costs. Yet we often have little or no idea of how these traditions came about or where they came from. A fascinating look at how a collection of traditions compiled and adapted over many centuries has led to what we now consider to be the traditional British Christmas.

Life in the 1950s Part I and Part II - The 1950s was a time of phenomenal change as the world recovered from the Second World War. For those who lived through the period this is a trip down memory lane, for those too young to have experienced this time it is an insight into the decade that saw the origins of the plastic cards we use instead of money and the technology that powers our smart phones. We look at everything from childhood to home life, the cinema to home entertainment and the world events that made the headlines of the day. The 1950s is covered in two separate 45 minute talks which can run in sequence or be seen as stand-alone presentations. Photographs and video footage help bring the period back to life.

Life in the 1960s Part I and Part II - The changes that started in the fifties continued through the sixties with a growing affluence and a desire for change. This was the decade that saw the greatest change in lifestyle, music and entertainment since the turn of the century. Hardly surprising it became known as the 'swinging sixties'. The decade of the Beatles, the Berlin Wall, the cold war, and the space race. For those old enough to remember the period this is a dose of nostalgia, for those who are not it is an insight into the period that saw a world on the verge of nuclear war. The 1960s is covered in two separate 45-minute talks which can be stand-alone presentations or run in sequence. Both talks contain video and audio recordings as well as photographs from the time.

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